February 2, 1944  -  July 17, 1994

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Honoring the life, times and legacy of
Paul "Tiny" Stacy

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama,
with His Hugeness, the Tiny Stacy, in 1989


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  • Walter Crockett's eulogy given at Paul's funeral

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  • October 31, 2007: Master Tibetan stone mason Sonam Lama has completed the Tibetan stupa built in Tiny's memory! See photos here. A private consecration led by the Venerable Achok Rinpoche and Geshe Jampa Lobsang marked its finish.

  • A video excerpt which includes the Gyuto Monks consecrating the stupa site has been posted to YouTube and can be seen at the link here: Documentary

  • A link to The Greenfield Reporter's May 12, 2007 story about Tiny and the stupa is here.


Photos of Tiny and friends.

Life Stories: Poetry, published articles, eulogies and other documents about Tiny.

Tiny Tales: The strange, the beautiful and the inspiring. Recollections and artifacts recall a remarkable -- and  remarkably fascinating -- life.

The Tale of the Stupa
The completion of Tiny's Stupa has indeed been a long, strange trip. Beginning with the untimely death of Sonam Lama's teacher (and adviser to the project) through the area visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and an unscheduled trip to Nepal to secure elements of the stupa, to last minute injuries to both Sonam and Steve (while chiseling the dharma wheels at the top of the stupa, the head of the chisel broke-off and embedded itself in Sonam's chest necessitating a trip to the emergency hospital and a week of recovery). But, finally, it is done!

Coming up:
We've located the video of Ram Dass at the Blue Plate (with Tiny's introduction and Ram Dass' on stage tribute). We will be digitizing it soon and posting it to this site.

Steve Rodman is going through his and Tiny's collection of live audio tapes from the Blue Plate (vintage 1970's and 1980's): Trailers, Holy Model Rounders, Michael Hurley, etc. Digitizing and tweaking them -- and taking all legal precautions -- may take some time, but they are worth waiting for.

Plus: photos and information about Tiny's stupa ceremony, more stories about Tiny, photos, interviews, memories, tributes, music, writings by Tiny and more.... So, STAY TUNED.



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